Best practice branding guide 2018

Best practice branding guide 2018

Discover how you can refresh and reposition your brand in 2018 and achieve business growth as a result.

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Why bother reading this?

When time, budgets and resources are at full stretch, brands often feature somewhere near the bottom of the list of priorities. But, if growth is on your agenda in 2018, now is the time to put brand at the top of your list. Discover:

  • How to research your brand effectively
  • Templates to build a solid brand strategy
  • Advice on creating and delivering your brand
  • How to activate your brand to your personas
  • Tips on measuring your brand performance

The guide will also provide a roadmap for developing your brand and introduce you to the Katapult Brand Roadmap...




About the author

Neil Perrott

"As Brand Director at Katapult, I work closely with clients on building and developing brands. This means working closely with businesses to understand their markets and audiences, facilitating workshops, writing brand frameworks, developing strategies and guiding both creative direction and execution.

Brands are brilliant communication tools and I’m eternally fascinated (sad, I know) by the concept of a brand as a touchpoint for products, services, stories, emotions and more.

As well as being a brand nerd, I’m also a family man, sports freak and novice triathlete trying to go don’t be afraid, there’s plenty you can talk to me about as well as propositions, positioning, et al."


Best practice branding 2018

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